Episode 282 - Terenzo Bozzone

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WORKOUT OF THE WEEK (00:16:18): Dr Judith May works out of the Grace Orthopaedic Centre in Tauranga and is a sports medicine specialist and Fellow of the Australasian College of Sport and Exercise Medicine Physicians. She has worked directly with Triathlon Australia and Triathlon NZ and is a provider for High Performance Sport NZ. We talk to Dr May about colds, flu and viruses and the athlete population.

Dr Judith May

Dr Judith May

HOT PROPERTY INTERVIEW: TERENZO BOZZONE (00:55:33) We chat to Terenzo about his recovery since his accident and his build to Kona 2019.

Terenzo Bozzone - Photo Credit:  @camgraves

Terenzo Bozzone - Photo Credit: @camgraves


Chris Collyer