Fitter Performance Coaching Partnership

Greater results can be achieved through a coaching partnership.  For those people looking to maximise their chances of success then the combination of a long term strategy, a personalised training program and the guidance offered by a qualified and experienced coach will give you the best chance of success.

As an individually coached athlete we will prescribe, analyse and feedback all the information you require to reach your goals.  Every athlete is treated as an individual and our knowledge and experience enable us to provide the programming and advice required for peak performance.  Each program is individually tailored and monitored based on an athlete's progress along the way.

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Athletes perform fitness testing for baseline measurements and the prescription of training zones.  From this data your annual training plan (ATP) and first training block is created.  Depending on an athletes’ needs, access to sports science services may be incorporated. These tests include but are not limited to:

  • Metabolic efficiency

  • Lactate testing

  • Running and cycling mechanics

  • Heat adaptation chamber

The programs are highly personalised to your current fitness, goals and aspirations.  By applying the latest training methods and protocols your fitness gains will be maximised each and every time you train.

Athletes are required to upload all training data from each session into their TrainingPeaks account and discuss their progress weekly with their coach.

Athletes included in the FITTER squad will be coached intensively and in all areas in order to improve performance including:

  • TrainingPeaks and its' uses/analysis functions

  • Training and racing with a cycling power meter

  • Nutrition

  • Swim, Bike and/or Run technique

  • Race preparation and tactics

For athletes wanting to approach their training with precision, using the latest training tools and software, as well as working closely with their coach to maximise performance, then this is the program for you.

We work with only a limited number of athletes to ensure we can provide each athlete with the necessary coaching time required.


  • NZD $100 one-off setup fee for all new athletes

  • NZD $120 per week payable in 4 week blocks

  • Pro athletes: P.O.A.

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